Grace Classic Photography

Come In!

Welcome to the Grace Classic Photography Web Gallery. Here you will find examples from our portfolio of prints presented as best as the Web will allow. However, please keep in mind even a commercial printshop reproduction of a platinum print can only approximate the original’s qualities. Given the limitations of our scanning equipment, compression of the scanned images to make them workable on the Web, and your monitor’s settings, the image you view in your browser will not be the same as seeing one of our prints in person. That said, we have scanned at the highest resolution and greatest color depth possible and digitally corrected the compressed images to make the renderings on our monitor match the original prints as closely as we could. If there is a print you are particularly interested in purchasing and you can’t make arrangments to see it in person beforehand, we can e-mail higher quality digital images for you to review.

Image sizes listed in the galleries are for the actual subject matter of the images. We generally print using a mask to leave clean edges around or to crop the image; however, some are printed to show the handwork at the edges of the coating, outside of the image area. Those edges are not included in the stated image size. Also, we try to keep approximately two inches of unprinted border around each image (including the handworked edge, if any) to facilitate archival mounting.

Unless otherwise noted, original prints of any of the images shown in our galleries are available for purchase. We currently limit editions to twenty-five or fewer prints, each. Prints are individually signed and numbered and may be ordered unmounted; archivally mounted and matted; or archivally mounted, matted, and framed. For more information, please visit the Contacts & Information section of our Website.