Orders & Commissions FAQ

Orders & Commissions

Q.Do you do weddings?
A.No. Absolutely not. No how, no way. Discounting the fact that one Bridezilla (or Groomzilla, for that matter) can ruin your whole year if their day isn’t perfect, weddings require a surprising amount of mobility on the part of the photographer. Large format gear is...well...large, and it's not terribly mobile. However, we would be more than happy to discuss your portraiture or group photography needs, including shooting at the wedding site with the wedding party either before or after the ceremony.

Q.Do you ship outside of the continental United States?
A.Yes, but the purchaser must pay the actual cost of shipping (in addition to the price of the print, of course), as well as any customs fees, taxes, or other costs incurred in shipping the print(s).

Q.How can I pay for a print?
A.We accept major credit cards through PayPal, as well as personal and business checks. All payments should be in United States Dollars (US$) and must clear our bank prior to shipment. If you happen to have a platinum vein running through your backyard, we might be able to work out a barter.